Life style living in Spain

living Spain

Living Spain. The life style of living Spain has to be the number one attraction, a laid back attitude where the meaning of life is to ‘Live’ at a relaxed pace. Life is savoured where time is taken to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, strolling the coast lines, chatting and enjoying the long evenings in the out door bars and restaurants watching the sunset.

living in Spain
Perfect sunsets



Has to be one of the best reasons for living in Spain were sunshine is the norm, temperatures soar in the South but have much needed cooler Sea breezes along the Coast. The Beaches are still busy at 9.30pm were people are patiently awaiting the magical sunsets. Temperatures dip to around 10C on a winters night but can frequently hit the 40C in the Summer Months.


The Spanish people are very friendly where family is the number one priority, with an outdoor attitude were you all eat together and enjoy the numerous parks and ice cream parlours for the evenings entertainment. It’s very easy to strike up a conversation with the locals some say they are a little cantankerous, reserved, gracious but personally we at Trustco Estates find them lots of fun. It’s only when you are invited into a Spanish home that you know you have arrived in Spain. Once this happens you become part of the Family, brace yourself to be loved and nagged accordingly, don’t worry about the decibel levels rising this is very normal it’s all part of the exuberant life style.


Some say Spain has become synonymous with over developed beach resorts but we all need the tourist areas to enjoy, but if you need to escape the madness just take the time to go 10 minutes inland and you will discover the true beauty of Spain. Stunning scenery with waterfalls, gorges and a wildlife bonanza.

living in Spain
Away from the Beach



With 50 weeks a year on average basking in glorious sunshine and warmth it is the perfect pairing for Golf, Sailing, Cycling, Hiking, Swimming, Painting, or Lunching at the many Beach Chiringitos. Oh nearly forgot we also have the beautiful  sking in The Sierras in the winter months.


Whether it’s Tapas, Healthy Living, Low cost or Michelin Star restaurant we have them all. Personally I love the local Hotspot at Cafe Yanx for the Best Steaks in town situated next to Trustco Estates

living in Spain
Best steaks in Town



Best reasons for living in Spain

Has to be the care and efficiency of the medical teams, there are many different ones available from Private Health Sanitas, to the Helicopter Sanitaros or even the Public Hospitals. They all come with high recommendations.







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